We offer comprehensive support and holistic solutions for you and your company

XELLENZ Treuhand AG focuses on the three business segments SMEs, Financial Service Providers and Real Estate Companies and provides customized solutions in the areas of fiduciary services, auditing, consulting and advanced training.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Financial service providers
Real estate companies

By relieving you of administrative burdens, we support you to focus on your core competencies

1 Fiduciary services
2 Accounting
3 Payroll administration & accounting
4 Taxes
5 Audit
6 Incorporation & business transaction
1 Fiduciary services

Fiduciary Services

Flexible adaptation to your company

You determine in which areas you want to use our fiduciary services. Our innovative online accounting service enables flexible, timesaving and location-independent accounting.


2 Accounting


Smart and efficient

We take care of the set-up, organisation and development of your accounting and run it on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. We also prepare the annual and interim financial statements as well as the VAT and payroll accounting for you.

3 Payroll administration & accounting

Payroll administration & accounting

We take care of your payroll accounting

Our service includes a monthly pay slip per person. We take care of  the salary administration, social security declarations and the yearly salary confirmation per employee. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

4 Taxes


For private persons and companies

We will take care of your tax documents. At the same time, we implement tax planing measures and check your final tax invoice.

5 Audit


The audit of the future

We offer a new type of audit for all SME companies that Intends to bring more efficiency in the audit: Visit our homepage www.e-revision.ch and find out what the advantages are.


Our services include:

  • Limited audits
  • Special audits
  • incorporation audits
  • Capital increase audits
  • Capital reduction audits
  • Audit of premature  distribution of assets in the event of liquidations
  • Reviews
  • Agreed upon procedures
6 Incorporation & business transaction

Incorporation & business transaction

We help to choose the legal form for your business

Based on your wishes, we help to find the suitable legal form and structure for your business. We support you in the preparation of your business plan, drafting of articles of incorporation, statutes and contracts. Also will we support you in the commercial registration and we are glad to accompany you with authorities visits.

In addition, we will connect you with professional service providers in the fields of graphics, web design, banking, insurance services and much more.